Welcome To The Linchpin Church Course

For those who want the “Steps To Becoming The Church Your Community Can’t Live Without.” Course materials will be posted here as they develop! Bookmark this page today!
The LinchPin Church

Overview Call - Thursday April 6

Call 1 of 3 - Thursday April 20 "The 5 C's"

Call 2 of 3 - Thursday April 27 - Pastor's Role: How To Turn Your Church Toward The Community

Call 3 of 3 - Thursday May 4 - Strategic Alliances & Case Studies

Resources Mentioned On The Overview Call

Simon Sinek - Start With Why

Articles Worth Reading

How To Serve Your City When You Aren’t A Megachurch

Check out their “For Our City” plan of one church as well as “3 Ways To Partner With Your City” section at the bottom of the article.

Get The Demographic/Sociographic Information On YOUR Community

Contact Tom Crites in Research Service, Georgia Baptist Mission Board