Engage 24 October 4 & 5 Alpharetta At North American Mission Board


Engage 24 Oct 4 & 5 Alpharetta

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Get The Inside Scoop On What’s Working Evangelistically In The Fastest Growing Churches Of The SBC…

LIVE at Your ENGAGE 24 Workshop.

Hello Pastor,

We all know that evangelism and increased baptisms don’t just happen…  and our communities are increasingly more difficult to reach.  More and more, pastors and church members are confused, frustrated, feeling very much in a “rut” when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission.

But some pastors are NOT feeling that way… because they’re seeing results.

They’re reaching more of the lost by mobilizing more of their church members. 

That’s why North American Mission Board created ENGAGE 24 Workshops so that you can get in the room with them, ask questions, and go implement change.

And that’s why your Evangelism Ministries Team of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board will be there!

Let’s face it:  the most effective practices you’ve adopted in ministry didn’t come from re-inventing the wheel… but from modeling what others were doing.  

We will extract practical lessons from these pastors on exactly how they LEAD on mission to help their churches GATHER on mission so that their members can LIVE on mission.

You’ll learn…

  • How to create an evangelism culture in your church, leading more members into mission
  • Strategies to make Sundays more evangelistic while increasing attendance and response
  • How to adapt to cultural mindset shift so you can share the gospel more effectively
  • Team strategies that are working to mobilize more members in evangelism
  • Followup strategies that make the most of every guest opportunity for the gospel

No other forum exists that will allow this level of strategy-focused proximity to leading Southern Baptist pastors. Each speaker is the pastor of a top 100 evangelistic church.

In Alpharetta, you’ll hear from:

Ronnie Floyd, Pastor of Cross Church Northwest Arkansas.

James Merritt, Pastor of Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, GA.

Ted Traylor, Pastor of Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL.

Hal Seed, Pastor of New Song Community Church in Oceanside, CA.

Your ENGAGE 24 Workshop will be held:

October 4 and 5
North American Mission Board
Alpharetta, GA.

The cost is only $29.

Reserve your spot today and take the next step toward leading your church to thrive with the Great Commission.